The Cabinet of Prasia is the collective decision making body of the Prasian Government, composed of the Prime Minister and the 12 Cabinet ministers.

These Cabinet ministers are the heads of their respective government departments, and are chosen from the Congress by the President, on the advice of the Prime Minister.

Current cabinetEdit

See also: Sanchez I Government

Head of state Name Party
Prime Minister Alonso Sanchez PSD
Deputy Prime Minister Eva Vargas PV
Minister Name Party
Minister of Business and Trade Alberto Montoya PSD
Minister of Culture Irene Morales PV
Minister of Defence Sergio Jimenez PSD
Minister of Education Ana Perez PSD
Minister of Energy and Environment Antonio Reyes PV
Minister of Finance Alvaro Escobar PSD
Minister of Foreign Affairs Cristian Ramirez PSD
Minister of Health Carmen Dominguez PSD
Minister of the Interior Juan Manuel Garza PSD
Minister of Justice Daniel Gomez PV
Minister of Labour Beatriz Olivares PSD
Minister of Transport Luis Rojas PSD

Shadow cabinetEdit

The largest opposition in Congress (currently the Conservative Centrist Party) typically has a Shadow Cabinet, that acts as head of the opposition.

Head of state Name Party
Leader of the Opposition Marcos Pinilla PCC
Shadow Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Alvarez PCC
Minister Name Party
Shadow Minister of Business and Trade Sonia Delgado Rios PCC
Shadow Minister of Culture Vanessa Molis Martin PCC
Shadow Minister of Defence Francisco Mejia Ochoa PCC
Shadow Minister of Education Adrián Durantez Lara PCC
Shadow Minister of Energy and Environment Alba Guzman PCC
Shadow Minister of Finance Carlos Guerra Arsaf PCC
Shadow Minister of Foreign Affairs Soraya Villar Riveros PCC
Shadow Minister of Health Miguel Angel Martin PCC
Shadow Minister of the Interior Bea Vallagrande Mora PCC
Shadow Minister of Justice Enrique Vega PCC
Shadow Minister of Labour Ines Luiz PCC
Shadow Minister of Transport Ignacio Zapatero PCC