General information
Official language Spanish
Demonym Catarinan
Capital city Alvear
Governor Jose Miguel Reyes (PCC)
State legislature Legislatura de Catarina
Senators Manuela Caicedo (PCC)
Hernan Mosquera Rodriguez (PCC)
Juan Pablo Martinez (CDC)

Catarina is a region of Prasia, located in the northwest of Prasian Island. The region is the second least populated out of any region in Prasia, and much of the region is sparsely populated and rural. The capital of the region is Alvear.

Much of Catarina lies within the flat plains of the northwest of Prasian Island, meaning that a considerable amount of Catarina's rural areas are home to cattle and dairy farms, with the region's agricultural industry contributing heavily to the economy of the region. Culturally, Catarina remains to an extent influenced by the large scale of immigration from Germany and Eastern Europe to the region in the late 19th century.

The small islands of Castilforte and Peralveche are also part of Catarina. Peralveche came to national prominence in the 1940s, after General Manuel Vazquez ordered the construction of a maximum security prison on the island. Although the prison is now closed, the island is still a popular destination for tourists.


Law and governmentEdit

Catarina's legislative power is vested in the Legislatura de Catarina, which consists of 15 deputies. The region's executive power is vested in the Governor, currently Jose Miguel Reyes of the PCC.

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