David Angel Aguirre (May 21, 1795- December 8, 1868) was a Prasian poet, author and essayist. Aguirre was a notable writer during the 19th century, and has often been noted as having a key effect on the forming of Prasia's cultural identity, following independence from Spain in 1823. Prior to this, Aguirre was a leading figure in the Prasian independence movement, with many of his earlier works taking on an anti-royalist settlement. Throughout his life, Aguirre politically supported the Liberal Party.

Due to his significance in the formation of a unique Prasian culture, Aguirre gives his name to the Instituto Aguirre, a cultural organisation dedicated to promoting and teaching Prasian culture worldwide. Furthermore, Aguirre also gives his name to Parque Aguirre in Esquina, and has a small square in Parque Alvear dedicated to his memory.