Prasia national football team
Nicknames Los Isleños (The Islanders)
Confederation CONMEBOL (South America)
Founded 1926
Head coach Prasia flag Alejandro Mosquera
Captain Miguel Perez Moreno
Home Stadium Estadio Sassari (capacity: 32,400)

The Prasia national football team is the official representative of Prasia in international football. The team was founded in 1926. It is a member of both the COMNEBOL and the WNFA.


The national team was founded in 1926 and consisted of amateur players until 1966, when it was decided to include professionals to increase the team's prestige. By the early 1980s, Prasia had built up a good team and had a talented generation of players, led by Pedro Lanzano, who retired with a record 38 goals for the national team in 1993. By the early 1990s, these stars were ageing and the team faced a decline in quality. In recent years, younger players have been selected who are increasing the talent in the squad.

Home stadiumEdit

Until the 1950s, the national team played fixtures across the country, with most matches being played in San Luis and Adahuesca, but it was not until 1961 that the team was exclusively based in the capital. The team's first home stadium was the former Estadio del Universidad in Villa Elisa. Most of the team's international matches were played at the stadium until 1987, when the team moved to the new Estadio Sassari in Puerto Sassari. The team continues to play their matches at Estadio Sassari to this day.


Prasia's national team's kit has been manufactured by major Kemburger sports brand Meitas since 2004. The home kit is yellow with red trim, whilst the away kit is white with red and yellow trim. The goalkeeper's kit is light blue.

Previously, the kits were designed by Nike and Adidas.


No. Pos. Player Birth Club
1 GK Martin Lodeiro December 3, 1986 Prasia flag Athletic San Ramon
2 DF Carlos Gomez May 14, 1981 Prasia flag F.C. Catarina
3 DF Adrian Barbosa March 30, 1991 Prasia flag Athletic San Ramon
4 DF Juan Pablo Gajardo April 8, 1992 Brunant Cape Cross FC
5 DF Ivan Spencer May 23, 1990 Flag of Kemburg North Beach Kemburg
6 MF Marcos Valdez January 19, 1985 Prasia flag Atletico de Valderejo
7 MF Miguel Perez Moreno (c) February 10, 1984 Prasia flag San Agustin C.F
8 MF Agustin Cindolo March 1, 1988 Prasia flag Athletic San Ramon
9 FW Fernando Vargas November 15, 1984 Prasia flag Maritimo C.F
10 FW Leonardo Blanco October 12, 1992 Flag of Kemburg Wolsey Athletic
11 FW Javier Aguilar February 5, 1993 Prasia flag Athletic San Ramon
12 MF Rodrigo Careaga June 18, 1994 Brunant Helmond Raiders
13 GK Alberto Peña March 2, 1987 Prasia flag Maritimo C.F
14 DF Bruno Paredes November 30, 1988 Prasia flag Villa Mateo UD
16 MF Ruben Ciani May 22, 1983 Libertas FC Hendrikstad
17 FW Victor Orlando September 7, 1990 Prasia flag San Agustin C.F
19 DF Mario Gimenez August 10, 1991 Strasland Racing Club Thisne
21 FW Lucas Castaneda October 3, 1986 Prasia flag Adahuesca C.F
23 FW Eymar Zarate June 14, 1996 Libertas FC Muntegu