San Luis International Airport

San Luis International Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de San Luis) (IATA: SLI - ICAO: SRSL) is an international airport located in San Luis, in the south west suburbs of the city. It is the largest airport in Prasia by both size and passenger numbers.



Terminal 1Edit


Interior of Terminal 1 at San Luis Airport

Terminal 1 is the oldest and the smallest terminal at the airport and handles all Aerolineas Prasianas and domestic services, in addition to a few routes to the United States and Lovia. The terminal was completed in 1986 and replaced the former terminal, which was demolished due to its age.

Facilities at the terminal include many duty free shops and restaurants.

Terminal 2Edit

Terminal 2 Exterior

The exterior of Terminal 2 at San Luis Airport

Terminal 2 is the largest terminal at the airport and this is where all international flights depart from, with the exception of flights operated by Aerolineas Prasianas and certain routes to the United States and Lovia. The terminal was completed in 2001 and soon after its opening, most airlines operating flights from the airport moved their services there.

Like Terminal 1, Terminal 2 has many duty free shops and restaurants, as well as a small hotel.

Airlines and destinationsEdit

Terminal 1Edit

Terminal 2Edit

Other facilitiesEdit

There are several hotels and car rental agencies located near the airport. In addition, the head offices of Aerolineas Prasianas are also located close to the airport.



The airport is well connected to the Prasian highway network; the A101 San Luis Bypass begins near the airport, connecting the airport to the city centre and the northern suburbs. The A1 can also be accessed easily from the airport.


The airport is connected to the San Luis Metro, with two Metro stations being located at the airport. The airport is also connected to suburban rail services and is also served by an express rail service linking the airport with the city centre.


The aiport is also available by bus.