Sofia Gimenez
Gimenez 1
Name Sofia Gimenez
Full name Sofia Gimenez Cárdenas
Sex Female
Born Prasia flag San Luis, Prasia
August 21, 1964
Partner Alberto Vazquez
Home Palacio Echeverria, San Luis
Functions Politician, lawyer
Languages English, Spanish, Portuguese
Religious stance Roman Catholic
Political party Social Democratic Party

Sofia Gimenez Cárdenas (born August 21, 1964) is a Prasian politician, lawyer and the current President of Prasia. Born into a working class family in San Luis, Gimenez studied Law and Economics at the Universidad de San Luis. After practicing law for several years and working in numerous trade unions and think-tanks, Gimenez entered politics.

She was elected as a Member of Congress in 1990, representing a constituency in Valderejo, serving two consecutive terms. Gimenez was also Minister of Foreign Affairs for four years between 2005 and 2009.

Gimenez became President after winning the Presidential election, 2012. Gimenez won her party's nomination in a close campaign against Oscar Romero Moya and Alberto Montoya, the incumbent Minister of Business and Trade. She later defeated Felipe Pereira of the Conservative Centrist Party and was inaugurated in October 2012. She was re-elected in the Presidential election, 2016, defeating Luis Vega.