Valderejo coat of arms

Valderejo is a region of Prasia, located in the north and center of Prasian Island. It is bordered by Ponedera to the east, Catarina to the west and Ortega to the south. Valderejo is the largest region in Prasia by area and amongst the largest in population. The region's capital is Guadajoz and the second largest settlement in the region is Cerques.

Valderejo is known for its diverse geography, including mountainous areas near the region's border with Ortega and expansive, arid plains in the north of the region. The region is also renowned for the wine production and is a popular destination for tourists due to the region's beaches and the culture of the regional capital, Guadajoz.

Law and governmentEdit

The legislative power of Valderejo is vested in a unicameral state legislature, the Legislatura del Valderejo, which consists of fifteen deputies, each of whom is elected every four years. The state's executive power is vested in the Governor, currently Andrea Sandoval of the PSD. The current Senators are Raul Marino Juarez, Hector Salazar and Alvaro Ledesma, all of them of the PSD.

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